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Government Policies

by Patty O'Donnell, Robert You, and Janine Harris


Singapore’s government is very involved with the city state affairs in respect to key environmental and industrial ministries. There are seven government committees.  Singapore government committees are Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Economic Development Board, Jurong Town Corporation, Singapore Productivity Standards Board, Ministry of national Development’s Urban Redevelopment Agency and the National Science and Technology Broad. All seven of these committees have its purpose for what to be accomplished.


Singapore Government Committee


·        The Ministry of Environment is a committee that handles the concerns for regulation for the environment and enforcing them.

·        Ministry of Trade and Industry, they maintain the control over trade regulations for international business, industry, research and planning.

·        Economic Development Broad maintains networks between international offices.

·        Jurong Town Corporation is in charge of implementation of the industrial development.

·        Singapore Productivity Standards Board is a board that maintains research and development policies that are held to the standards of Korea’s Institute of Science and Technology.

·        Ministry of National Development’s Urban Redevelopment drives Singapore’s planning process for the government and private organizations.

·        The National Science and Technology Broad maintain the research grants and partnership with U.S. companies.  

The government has theses committees to ensure the welfare of the country remains strong and vibrant.