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Legal Environment

by Patty O'Donnell, Robert You, and Janine Harris



“The Ministry has to ensure that Singapore's legal infrastructure remains clear, efficacious and transparent, as it is this infrastructure that underpins the country's social and economic progress. Areas managed by the Ministry of Law include constitutional and trustee matters, legal policies on civil and criminal justice, alternative dispute resolution and community mediation, the administration of intellectual property rights, as well as the administration of land titles and the management of state properties. “  -1999 – 2001 Ministry of Law Singapore.

Legalization by the Committees

The Ministry enforces these laws and it is acknowledge throughout the governments committees. Because of the heavily enforced laws the Information Technology sector is also held to the same standards. The CISD (Law) “ Computer Information System Department” is at the very forefront in assisting other technology departments within Singapore to maintain a presence in the technology sector. With the explosion of e-Commerce and Internet services it has given Singapore another frontier to direct their attention on.

Singapore has developed an Excellence in Services to the Public. Integration of Land Information Services

Map of region - Profile of the land

This layout allows one to select different sections of Singapore’s geographic location of land. It is one way to view the pricing of the land and the laws sounding the land’s ownership and last transacted price.

Another service is the Self-Service Map Production System. It allows a user to remotely access and print the cadastral maps and street directory. Just to name a few of the advancement that had been developed to show how a sound legal infrastructure can assist in producing technological advancement help the service in the company.

Industrial Policies and Laws

Due to the strict laws that are related to the environment concerning Air, Water, Solid Waste, Noise and the sensitivity to Industry requirements has become a struggle of balance for Singapore. The industry held to a governance of factors the must be meet before perusing development of an industry. There is a common code of inspection and that is ISO14000. It is held to the highest standards of quality and it runs hand in hand with the government’s committee for The Ministry of Environment on issues concerning the environment and how industry affects it.

These laws and standards are in place to maintain a high level of governance to ensure the quality of the Singapore environment is kept for future generations.