Student Members

Current Members

Jennifer Piane

Jennifer Piane is a Ph.D. candidate with research interests in Computer Vision and Robotics. She currently works for Robotics System Integration where her primary responsibilities include developing robotic and industrial machine vision applications and real-time embedded software development on a software motion controller.

Mirtha Lucas

Mirtha Lucas is a PhD candidate at DePaul University in the Computer Science Program. Her areas of interests are Computer Vision and Neural Networks with Deep Learning applied to the medical field. Besides pursuing her PhD studies, she is also a full time Software Developer in the Industry of Power Plan Design and Power Transmission Systems.

Yiyang(Ian) Wang

Yiyang (Ian) Wang is a second year PhD. Student in the School of Computing, College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University, Chicago. He is a member of the Medical Informatics and the Intelligent Multimedia Processing Laboratories. He is also the research assistant of the DePaul MedIX Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. His research interests include machine learning, computer vision, and medical informatics. Ian’s research work focuses on biomarker detection and prognosis of age-related degeneration (AMD), a retinal imaging collaborative project with Northwestern University.

Bowen Qiu

Bowen is a Ph.D. student who is majoring in Computer Science. His research direction is Computer-aided Diagnosis in lung nodules detection and classification using Machine Learning and Computer Vision techniques.

Yue (Joyce) Hou

Joyce is pursuing the Master of Data Science degree at DePaul University. Her research interests include predicative modeling and machine learning. She is currently working on medical image projects applying data analysis techniques. Her hobbies include hiking and photography.

Maria Alexandra (Ally) Theodorescu

Ally is a junior undergraduate student at DePaul, majoring in Computer Science. She is currently the Student Assistant for the Associate Provost for Research and a Research Assistant at DePaul's Data Science Center within the Medical Informatics Department. Her hobbies/interests include cultivating her coding skills, hiking, drawing, and playing tennis.



  • Priya Deshpande, DePaul University (2021)
  • Alicia Boyd, DePaul University (2021)
  • Julie Zhang, East-West University, Chicago (2011)
  • Emilia Apostolova, DePaul University (2011)
  • William Horsthemke, Argonne National Lab, Chicago (2010)


  • Arun Gopal Govindaswamy
  • Tianyi (Jocelyn) Tan
  • Xinsong Li
  • Peter Szczepanski
  • Mingfei Shao
  • Matthew Yung
  • Caroline Cao
  • Sriram Yarlagadda
  • Sungmin Kim
  • Max Li
  • Carleton Smith
  • Charlie Rohlf
  • Thavaselvi Ramalingam
  • Marc Ardito
  • John Campion
  • Michael Doran
  • Charles Dowling
  • Xiaotao Fang
  • John Feigenbaum
  • Chandler Gegg
  • Michael Gredlics
  • Dony Kartawijaya
  • Lynette Lilly
  • Chanokporn Limpsangsri
  • Cynthia Michalowski
  • Vesna Mitrovic
  • Ronald Niehaus
  • Jon Nowick
  • Jennifer Piane
  • Ewa Piatkowska
  • Andrew Smith
  • Winnie Tsang
  • Shu Xie
  • Jose Zamacona
  • Dmitry Zinovev


  • Valerie Simonis
  • Xufan Ma
  • Kyle Moy
  • Stelian Aioanei
  • Richard Brock
  • Jennifer Chow
  • Andrew Corboy
  • Eugene Ioffe
  • Mikhail Kalinin
  • Arati Kurani
  • Jong Lee
  • Pia Opulencia
  • Carl Philips
  • Greg Smith
  • Cecelia Story
  • Winnie Tsang
  • Joseph Wantroba
  • Dong-Hui Xu