CSC 211

Spring, 2003



To complete the assignments, you will need to use the Java 2 SDK (software development kit) to compile and run your programs.  This should already be installed on machines in student labs, especially the ones in the CS&T building.  You may install it on your own machine from the CD that accompanies the textbook.  Alternatively, you can download the SDK from Sun.  To write your programs, you may use a text editor but a better choice is try the BlueJ development environment. 

Please see the instructions on downloading and installing both the Java 2 SDK and the BlueJ package.  My thanks to Steve Jost for providing this information.  


Assignment 1, due Wednesday, April 2nd

Assignment 2, due Wednesday, April 9th

Assignment 3, due Monday, April 21st

Assignment 4, due Friday, May 2nd

Assignment 5, due Friday, May 16th

Assignment 6, due Wednesday, May 28th

Assignment 7, due Friday, June 9th