CSC 211

Spring, 2003

Assignment 2

Writing a simple program

Due: 11:59pm, Wednesday, April 9th

Prerequisite: Before doing this assignment, you should finish assignment 1.  

Purpose: This assignment asks you to write a program to convert from an amount in US currency to an amount in Canadian currency.  


  1. Start up BlueJ and create a new project called Assignment2 in your Java Projects folder.  This will create a folder called Assignment2. 
  2. As in assignment 1, click on the New Class button.  Type in ConvertCurrency for the name of the class.
  3. Double-click on the icon that appears.  Select and erase the code that BlueJ automatically puts in the file.
  4. Type in your program.  The program should:
  5. Proceed to compile and run your program as you did in assignment 1.

What to submit: Through COL, submit your file.