17th International Symposium on

Graph Drawing

September 22–25, 2009 - Chicago
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Call for Papers

17th International Symposium on Graph Drawing

September 22 - 25, 2009, Chicago, Illinois, USA



Graph Drawing is concerned with the geometric representation of graphs and networks and is motivated by those applications where it is crucial to visualize structural information as graphs. Bridging the gap between theoretical advances and implemented solutions is an important aspect of the conference. Indeed, advances in graph drawing are important in several technological areas such as Web computing, e-commerce, VLSI circuit design, information systems, software engineering, computational cartography, visual interfaces, bioinformatics, and networking. Researchers and practitioners working on theoretical and practical aspects of graph drawing are welcome to participate.


The range of topics that are within the scope of the International Symposium on Graph Drawing includes (but is not limited to):

  • Visualization of networks, web maps, software engineering diagrams, database schemas, chemical structures and molecules
  • Geometric graph algorithms
  • Geometric computing
  • Software systems for graph visualization
  • Planarity and topological graph theory
  • Graph theory and optimization on graphs
  • Interfaces for interacting with graphs
  • Applications that benefit from graph drawing solutions such as Biomedical Informatics, Data Mining, Networking, and Security

Call for Papers and Posters

Authors are invited to submit papers describing original research of theoretical or practical significance to graph drawing. Papers may be either long (12 pages) or short (6 pages), using the single-spaced LNCS style. The claims of the paper should be fully substantiated, including full proofs or appropriate experimental data. If this information will not fit within the page limits, the authors should include it in a clearly marked appendix, whose length is not constrained.

Submissions of posters in graph drawing and related areas are also solicited. The poster session will provide a forum for the communication of late-breaking research results (which may appear elsewhere) to the graph drawing community. A two-page abstract of accepted posters will appear in a poster proceedings distributed to conference attendees. Researchers interested in presenting a poster should prepare two-page description of their proposed poster.

Instructions for Authors

Each submission must include an indication of its type (theory/application, long/short) and contact information for the primary author. Only electronic submissions are allowed. Detailed submission instructions will be provided on the conference web site. Submissions deviating from these guidelines or from the submission deadline below risk rejection without further consideration. Submission of substantially similar papers to other conferences with published proceedings or simultaneous submissions are not allowed.

Invited Speakers

  • Janos Pach (City College and Courant Institute, New York, USA)
  • Martin Wattenberg (IBM Watson Research, Cambridge, USA)

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: June 3, 2009 (extended deadline)
  • Notification of Acceptance: July 15, 2009
  • Poster Submissions: July 31, 2009
  • Symposium on Graph Drawing: September 22-25, 2009

Graph Drawing Contest

Following the tradition of previous conferences, a graph drawing contest will be held. Details on the contest will be provided on the conference web site.


Accepted submissions will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be included in the Springer-Verlag series Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Final versions of accepted submissions are due at the conference.

Special Issue

Selected papers will be invited to be published in a special issue of JGAA (Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications).


The 17th International Symposium on Graph Drawing will be held at the Loop Campus (downtown) of DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, USA.


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Program Committee

Therese Biedl (Univ. Waterloo, CANADA)
Franz. J. Brandenburg (Univ. Passau, GERMANY)
Ulrik Brandes (Univ. Konstanz, GERMANY)
Erin Chambers (St. Louis Univ., USA)
Sabine Cornelsen (Univ. Konstanz, GERMANY)
Christian Duncan (Louisiana Tech Univ., USA)
Tim Dwyer (Microsoft Research, USA)
David Eppstein (UC Irvine, USA), co-chair
Emden R. Gansner (AT&T Labs, USA), co-chair
Herman Haverkort (TU Eindhovern, NETHERLANDS)
Patrick Healy (Univ. Limerick, IRELAND)
Yifan Hu (AT&T Labs, USA)
Michael Lawrence (FHCRC, USA)
Giuseppe Liotta (Univ. Perugia, ITALY)
Roberto Tamassia (Brown Univ., USA)
Ioannis G. Tollis (FORTH-ICS and Univ. Crete, GREECE)
Sue Whitesides (Univ. Victoria, CANADA)
Graham Wills (SPSS, USA)

Organizing Committee

Jennifer McClelland (DePaul, USA), budget manager
Michael J. Pelsmajer (IIT, USA), co-chair
Marcus Schaefer (DePaul, USA), co-chair

Contact Information

The conference website is http://www.cdm.depaul.edu/gd2009.
The organizing committee can be contacted at gd2009@cdm.depaul.edu.

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