17th International Symposium on

Graph Drawing

September 22–25, 2009 - Chicago
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Accepted Papers

For more details, see the booklet of abstracts.

Adrian Dumitrescu, Janos Pach and Geza Toth
Drawing Hamiltonian cycles with no large angles
Alejandro Estrella-Balderrama, J. Joseph Fowler and Stephen Kobourov
On the Characterization of Level Planar Trees by Minimal Patterns
André Schulz
Drawing 3-Polytopes with Good Vertex Resolution
Bastian Katz, Marcus Krug, Ignaz Rutter and Alexander Wolff
Geodesic Embedding of Planar Graphs
Brynjar Gretarsson, Svetlin Bostandjiev, John O'Donovan and Tobias Hollerer
WiGis: A Framework for Web-based Interactive Graph Visualizations
Carla Binucci, Ulrik Brandes, Giuseppe Di Battista, Walter Didimo, Marco Gaertler, Pietro Palladino, Maurizio Patrignani, Antonios Symvonis and Katharina Zweig
Drawing Trees in a Streaming Model
Christian Duncan, Michael Goodrich and Stephen Kobourov
Planar Drawings of Higher-Genus Graphs
Christian Pich
Drawing Directed Graphs Clockwise
Emilio Di Giacomo, Walter Didimo, Giuseppe Liotta and Henk Meijer
Area, Curve Complexity, and Crossing Resolution of Non-Planar Graph Drawings
Ioannis Emiris, Elias Tsigaridas and Antonios Varvitsiotis
Algebraic methods for counting Euclidean embeddings of rigid graphs
J. Joseph Fowler
Characterization of Unlabeled Radial Level Planar Graphs
Jan Stola
3D Visibility Representations by Regular Polygons
Kai Xu, Seok-Hee Hong, Rohan Williams, Qing Liu and Ji Zhang
Semi-Bipartite Graph Visualization for Gene Ontology Networks
Kevin Buchin, Marc van Kreveld, Henk Meijer, Bettina Speckmann and Kevin Verbeek
On Planar Supports for Hypergraphs
Marcus Schaefer
Complexity of Some Geometric and Topological Problems
Mario Albrecht, Andreas Kerren, Karsten Klein, Oliver Kohlbacher, Petra Mutzel, Wolfgang Paul, Falk Schreiber and Michael Wybrow
On open problems in biological network visualization
Markus Chimani, Carsten Gutwenger, Petra Mutzel and Hoi-Ming Wong
Upward Planarization Layout
Markus Rohrschneider, Christian Heine, Andre Reichenbach, Andreas Kerren and Gerik Scheuermann
A Novel Grid-based Visualization Approach for Metabolic Networks with Advanced Focus&Context View
Martin Nöllenburg
An Improved Algorithm for the Metro-Line Crossing Minimization Problem
Melanie Badent, Michael Baur, Ulrik Brandes and Sabine Cornelsen
Leftist Canonical Ordering
Michael Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer and Daniel Stefankovic
Removing Independently Even Crossings
Michael Wybrow, Kim Marriott and Peter J Stuckey
Orthogonal Connector Routing
Miro Spönemann, Hauke Fuhrmann, Reinhard von Hanxleden and Petra Mutzel
Port Constraints in Hierarchical Layout of Data Flow Diagrams
Patrizio Angelini, Fabrizio Frati and Maurizio Patrignani
Splitting Clusters To Get C-Planarity
Patrizio Angelini, Giuseppe Di Battista and Fabrizio Frati
Succinct Greedy Drawings Do Not Always Exist
Patrizio Angelini, Luca Cittadini, Giuseppe Di Battista, Walter Didimo, Fabrizio Frati, Michael Kaufmann and Antonios Symvonis
On the Perspectives Opened by Right Angle Crossing Drawings
Peter Eades, Seok-Hee Hong and Sheung-Hung Poon
On Rectilinear Drawing of Graphs
Sergio Cabello, Marc van Kreveld, Giuseppe Liotta, Henk Meijer, Bettina Speckmann and Kevin Verbeek
Geometric Simultaneous Embeddings of a Graph and a Matching
Therese Biedl and Lesvia Elena Ruiz Velasquez
Drawing planar 3-trees with given face-areas
Therese Biedl
On small drawings of series-parallel graphs and other subclasses of planar graphs
Tim Dwyer and George Robertson
Layout with Circular and Other Non-Linear Constraints using Procrustes Projection
Tim Dwyer and Lev Nachmanson
Fast Edge-Routing for Large Graphs
Ulrik Brandes and Christian Pich
More Flexible Radial Layout
Vassilis Tsiaras and Ioannis Tollis
DAGmaps and ε-Visibility Representation of DAGs
Vít Jelínek, Eva Jelinkova, Jan Kratochvil, Bernard Lidicky, Marek Tesar and TomᚠVyskocil
The Planar Slope Number of Planar Partial 3-Trees of Bounded Degree

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