DePaul CTI

Artificial Intelligence Research Group

Faculty Profile and Research Interests

  • Robin Burke (Associate Professor), Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1993.
    Case-based reasoning, Recommender systems, Digital libraries.
  • Clark Elliott (Associate Professor), Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1992.
    Intelligent Software Agents, Synthetic and Believable Agents, Affective Reasoning (Reasoning about Emotions).
  • Steven Lytinen (Professor), Ph.D., Yale University, 1984.
    Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval.
  • Craig Miller (Associate Professor), Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1993.
    Cognitive modeling, models of human behavior, machine learning.
  • Bamshad Mobasher (Associate Professor), Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1994.
    Web Data Mining, Intelligent Agents, Information Retrieval, Text Mining, Reasoning with Uncertainty.
  • Noriko Tomuro (Associate Professor), Ph.D., DePaul University, 1999.
    Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval.
  • Peter Wiemer-Hastings (Associate Professor), Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1994.
    Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Science.

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    AI-Related Courses at DePaul CTI

    Course No.  Title  Usually Offered 
    CSC 357/457  Expert Systems  Fall Quarter
    CSC 358/458  Symbolic Programming     Spring Quarter
    CSC 380/480  Foundations of Artificial Intelligence     Winter Quarter
    CSC 578  Neural Networks and Machine Learning     Fall Quarter
    CSC 587  Cognitive Science     Winter Quarter
    CSC 594  Topics in Artificial Intelligence     Spring Quarter
    CSC 575  Intelligent Information Retrieval     Winter Quarter
    ECT 584  Web Data Mining    Fall/Spring Quarters

    Selected Recent Publications by the AI Faculty
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