CCC 2008: Results of vote on special issue journals

A vote was taken at the 2008 business meeting concerning which journal should publish CCC's special issue.  Preceding the vote, a debate was held between Joachim von zur Gathen (editor of the journal Computational Complexity journal, which currently publishes the yearly special journal issue devoted to our conference) and Laszlo Babai (proponent of non-commercial journals and editor of the purely electronic Theory of Computing journal). Following a period of discussion and questions, the vote was taken by secret ballot.

The ballot and the results are available.  The headings A, B, C, and D in the results refer to the choices on the ballot, which voters were to rank first, second, etc. Each line below is the result of a single ballot, the number 1 meaning that the voter chose that option as first, and so forth.  No entry means that the voter did not rank that option.  The entries under the "Other Journal" heading are what voters wrote in the blank line for option C.  The entries under the "Subset" heading are what voters wrote in the blank line for option D.

The abbreviations under the "Other Journal" column have the following meanings: TOCT = Transactions on Computation Theory, SICOMP = SIAM Journal of Computing, TOC = Theory of Computing,  I and C = Information and Computation, TOCS = Theory of Computing Systems.