ECT 250: Survey of e-commerce technology

Assignment 5


Chapter 3 (pages 78 -- 114) in Electronic Commerce.


For this assignment you will create a page discussing your favorite topic (for example, a historical event, an organization, a company, a geographical location such as a city, state, or country, an artistic, religious, or social movement, etc.)  Your subject may not be a person.

The primary content of the page is an essay on the subject you have chosen.  This essay must be at least 300 words.  It should contain an overview of your topic as well as discuss why you chose the topic.  Any visitor to your site should come away with a basic understanding of the subject.  Be aware that the essay should be more than an opinion piece.  You are expected to research your topic and provide basic facts on the subject.

The essay you write must contain at least 5 different links (meaning that no two have the same domain) relating to your chosen subject.  At least four of these links must be embedded into the text of the page.

The page must be published on the machine.  You must add a link from your main ECT 250 page to the subject page and a link from the subject page to your main page.  (Note that this link does not count toward the 5 required links).

The subject page must have the following features:

  1. A title and a heading
  2. A table used to format the entire page
  3. At least one image


The assignment is worth 100 points and will be graded as follows:

Required item Points
Title and heading 5
Table formatting the entire page 10
Image 5
Links from your main page to the subject page and from the subject page to the main page 5
Five hyperlinks relating to the subject 10
Essay on the subject 20
Published on; located in the directory public_html/ect250 30
Overall appearance of page 15

Any page (or image on a page) that does not have its permissions set so that it is viewable by the grader will receive a 0.

Make sure to check that the colors and formatting used on the page make the text and links legible.  Pay close attention to the structure of the page.  Does a visitor understand the purpose of the page quickly?  Is the page easy to read?  Will a user be interested by what they find there?  Pages with poor organization and formatting will lose points.

Essays will be graded both on content and on technical issues such as spelling and grammar.  All text on the page must be your original work.  Do not cut and paste from other Web pages.  Your grade will be based on how well you have discussed your topic and the presentation of the information including spelling, grammar, etc.

 The late policy will be strictly enforced.

Submitting the assignment

Note that since this assignment will be linked to your main page, you do not have to send me the URL.  I will use the URL you supplied for Assignment 3.  If however, you have not submitted any Web pages for this course you must e-mail me the URL for your main page by the above deadline or your submission for this assignment will be considered late.