ECT 250: Survey of e-commerce technology

Assignment 3


Make sure that you have read Chapter 2 (pages 34 - 76) in the text.  You should also read the lecture notes.


For this assignment you will create your main ECT 250 Web page.  Web pages created for later assignments will be linked to this page.

The main ECT 250 Web page must have the following items somewhere on the page:

  1. Your name
  2. Your major
  3. A list of the classes you are taking this quarter
  4. A link to the DePaul University home page
  5. A link to the ECT 250-602 home page

The page must also use a background color other than the default and must have a heading and a title.  The page must be published on the machine and must be located in the directory public_html/ect250.  The name of the file must be either main.htm or main.html.  Make sure to check that the colors and formatting used on the page make the text and links legible.

The assignment is worth 100 points and will be graded as follows:

Required item Points
Name 5
Major 5
List of classes (must use either a bulleted or numbered list) 8
Link to DePaul site 10
Link to ECT 250-602 site 10
Heading 5
Title 5
Background color 5
Published on, called main.htm or main.html, located in public_html/ect250 40
Appearance of page 5
E-mail submission of URL contains name and section number in subject line; URL is correctly given 2

Any page that does not have its permissions set so that it is viewable by the grader will receive a 0.  Do not procrastinate about this assignment!  The late policy will be strictly enforced.

Technical tip

To complete the assignment:

  1. Write a file main.htm or main.html using FrontPage that meets the above criteria.

  2.  FTP your file into the directory public_html on your machine. Within that directory, place it in a subdirectory called ect250.  If there is no public_html directory, first create one using mkdir public_html. Do the same for the subdirectory ect250.

  3. Telnet into your account.  Set the permissions for public_html by using chmod 755 public_html.  Do the same for the subdirectory ect250.  Change the permissions of the file using chmod.  You will have to move around in the directory structure using the cd command.

  4. You can look at the result by pointing your browser at

Note that each time you change main.html using FrontPage, you must re-do the above steps to place the new file in your students account.

Submitting the assignment

You must mail the URL of your page to me at