IS 596: IT in Emerging Countries - Case of Brazil

Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil March 20-March 28, 2004


Summary of the Course

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Summary of the course:

  • The objective of the IS 596 course is to expose students to the reality of information technology (IT) in an emerging/-developing country. Technology played a significant role in most of the emerging economies of the late 1990’s and 2000’s. Revenue from product and IT services to emerging countries is over $30 billion. Brazil is of high interest because it is an emerging economic country with extreme contrasts. While it is a country with tremendous resources, richness and IT capabilities, it is also a country with a very high level of poverty. This course will expose students to IT use, management, development, policy and strategic impact within the Brazilian economy and its impact internationally. Students will visit several companies and meet with various IT stakeholders in the organization (users, developers, managers, IT strategic and policy implementers etc.) who will explain their practices and strategies to the students. In addition to learning about the history and development of technology in Brazil, students will also learn about the culture of Brazil and the role of technology in the country’s economic development. The course will also examine the necessary success factors for US-based companies planning to setup an IT center in Brazil. Appropriate business attire will be required at corporate and government visits.

Textbooks and printed resources:

  1. There will be some case studies and articles. To be announced later.




Individual assignment 10%
Research paper 20
Attendance and active participation at all meeting 30%

Group project 20

Group presentation 20%

Total 100%

Grading Scale: 92 - 100 A 90 - 91 A- 88 - 89 B+ 82 - 87 B 80 - 81 B- 78 - 79 C+ 72 - 77 C 70 - 71 C- 68 - 69 D+ 62 - 67 D 60 - 61 D- 0 - 59 F

Teaching Method:

A combination of teaching methods will be used (A trip to Brazil Rio de Janeiro, lectures, guest speakers, group presentations, company visit etc).

Week by week Tentative schedule
Class date Topic/Task Reading
Class 1
Lecture Notes
Course Overview:
Session 1: (Chicago) Introduction to Brazilian history, economy and cultural aspects. The session will discuss the makeup of Brazil’s economy with a guest speaker from Brazil’s Consul of Trade and Economic Affairs.

Class 2 

Lecture Notes

Session 2: (Chicago) Assessment of Readiness for the Networked Economy in Brazil. Dr. Adelakun will discuss the concept of an IT networked economy and the degree of information and communication technology (ICT) readiness necessary to participate in the networked world  

Class 3 

Lecture Notes

Session 3: Day 1 in Brazil (Sunday evening) The group will meet for dinner at the hotel restaurant to discuss the upcoming meetings for the week.


Class 4

Lecture Notes

Session 4: Day 2 in Brazil (Monday) The group will visit one or two Brazilian IT companies.


Class 5

Lecture Notes

Session 5: Day 3 in Brazil (Tuesday) The group will visit one or two American technology companies and hear from the companies’ IT executives, directors and developers.


Class 6 

Lecture Notes

Session 6: Day 4 in Brazil (Wednesday) The group will visit one or two American companies operating in Brazil that rely heavily on IT for their business and learn of the challenges faced by US firms operating in Brazil and the resulting social responsibility to the local community


Class 7

Lecture Notes

Session 7: Day 5 in Brazil (Thursday) The group will visit a Brazilian oil company and then visit the American Consulate General in Rio and hear from consular officials.


Class 8

Lecture Notes

Session 8: Day 6 in Brazil (Friday)  The group will visit one additional company and then meet to discuss their thoughts and findings on the site visits and lectures.


Class 9

Lecture Notes


Session 9: (Chicago) Students will present their papers and results of their research projects.


Class 10

 Session 10: (Chicago) Continuation of student presentations and web site demonstrations.