Analysis and Design Techniques

Feasibility Study


Title Page

Project name, report title, team #, team members, date



Table of Contents

A list of report sections with page numbers



Executive Summary

A clear, concise, one-page summary that includes listing the major problems initially observed, what kind of system is being recommended, what the bottom line figures will be, when delivery can be expected.



Method of Study

A description of the work that was done during the feasibility study.  Mention sources and references:

Document review

·         Databases

·         Organization chart

·         Interoffice memos

·         Suggestion box notes

·         Customer complaints

·         SOPs

·         Manuals

·         Previous system studies




Identify key people



Problem Definition

A description of the problem taken from the formal problem statements.  The formal problem statements should be included as Appendix A.  Do not include objectives in this section.



Analysis & Design

A description of the current & proposed logical system.  Using process flowcharts and data flow diagrams, write a narrative inserting your flowcharts and diagrams where appropriate.  A complete set of flowcharts and all levels of data flow diagrams should be included as Appendix B.  List the final system objectives and explain why meeting these objectives will solve the problem.



Architectural Overview

A description of the hardware that is being recommended that supports the system objectives.  Include networking, individual workstations, peripheral devices, communication capabilities, etc.



Database Overview

A general description of what the database will contain.  Do not include table/field names.  Particular attention should be paid to retrieval of data not previously available.  Entity Relationship Diagrams and Data Dictionary should be included as Appendix C.



Functional Overview

Present some of the top-level interfaces which the user will see by activity needs (one per page with a narrative).  This gives users a chance to immediately grasp how they will use the system and also how it will take care of their functional needs. 




Analysis and Design Techniques (315-21-401)

Feasibility Study


Projected Implementation Plan

This is a proposed project plan.  If you have access to MS Project, produce a Gantt chart.  If not, list the due date and the activity.  It is impossible to be totally accurate at this point.  Try to give the decision-makers a good projection.  Make sure they understand that it is not “written in stone” in your narrative.



Projected Budget

Cover major cost areas in this estimate: hardware, software, personnel costs, installation costs, training costs, backup and maintenance costs over a period of time.  If possible, include a projection of savings your system will bring about.