Print a hard proof

A hard proof (sometimes called a proof print or match print) is a printed simulation of what your final output on a printing press will look like. A hard proof is produced on an output device thatís less expensive than a printing press. Some inkjet printers have the resolution necessary to produce inexpensive prints that can be used as hard proofs.
  1. Choose View > Proof Setup, and select the output conditions you want to simulate. You can do this using a preset or by creating a custom proof setup.

    The view changes automatically according to the proof you choose, unless you choose Custom. In this case, the Customize Proof Condition dialog box appears. You must save custom proof settings for them to appear in the Proof Setup Preset menu of the Print dialog box. Follow the instructions to customize a proof.

  2. After you select a proof, choose File > Print.
  3. Choose Color Management from the pop-up menu.
  4. Select Proof.

    The profile that appears in parentheses, should match the proof setup you selected earlier.

  5. For Color Handling, choose Photoshop Manages Colors.
  6. For Printer Profile, select the profile for your output device.
  7. (Optional) Set any of the following options.
    Proof Setup
    This option is available if you select Proof from the Print area. From the pop-up menu, choose any customized proofs that exist locally on your hard drive.


    Simulate Paper Color
    Simulates what colors look like on the paper of the simulated device. Using this option produces the most accurate proof, but it is not available for all profiles.


    Simulate Black Ink
    Simulates the brightness of dark colors for the simulated device. Using this option results in more accurate proofs of dark colors, but it is not available for all profiles.


  8. Access the color management options for the printer driver from the Print Settings dialog box, which automatically appears after you click Print. In Windows, click the Preferences button to access the printer driver options. In Mac OS, use the pop-up menu from the Print Settings dialog box to access the printer driver options.
  9. Turn off color management for the printer so that the printer profile settings donít override your profile settings.

    Every printer driver has different color management options. If itís not clear how to turn off color management, consult your printer documentation.

  10. Click Print.
    Note: If you get a warning that your image is larger than the printable area of the paper, click Cancel, choose File > Print, and select the Scale To Fit Media box. To make changes to your paper size and layout, click Print Settings, and attempt to print the file again.