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Intelligent Information Retrieval

Final Project Checklist

The following is a final checklist of what you need to turn in for your project. Please note that these are general requirements and in specific cases, not all of these requirements may apply. If you are not sure about what to include, please consult with me before your submission. Also, if you think that installation of your system may require non-trivial or unusual steps, you can arrange for a demonstration of your system.

Implementation Projects

You will need to electronically submit a compressed file containing your project distribution files and documentation. Your project documentation should contain the following components:

  1. A detailed report describing your system (including specific techniques and algorithms you used), and the interaction between the components (make references to code segments, modules, methods, functions, etc. as necessary). If you used any outside sources in your implementation, please clearly indicate which sources, and how and where they were used. The report should also include the results of the evaluation of your system.
  2. Several complete sample runs of your program with description, illustrating how your system works, along with any intermediate input or output used for the sample run. You may also inlcude a short (5 minute) video summarising your project.

Your project distribution files should contain the following:

  1. Complete source code (be sure that your source code is fully documented and easy to read).
  2. Binary files (e.g., executables, DLLs, Class files) or other components necessary to run your program.
  3. Readme file containing instructions on how to compile, install, and/or run your program.
  4. If your application has a server-side component, please provide a URL for a demo version of your system.
  5. Data sets used to evaluate your system.

Research Papers

Written research projects will be evaluated based on thoroughness, soundness, originality, significance, and organization. The main deliverable is a research paper describing the problem you re examining, background and related work including references to scientific research relevant to the topic), details of proposed approaches, and results of your experiments and evaluation.You must have the following sections in addition to the main body of the paper:

  1. Abstract: This is a short synopsis of the main points of the paper. This should be 200-300 words, and should appear along with the title and your name, ID number, and email, on the first page. The rest of the paper should start on page 2.
  2. Conclusion: Summarize your conclusions and findings. Keep this to 300-400 words.
  3. References: This is a list of references that you have used in doing your research and throughout your paper. The references should be numbered and the number for the reference should appear in the appropriate places in the text of the paper where the reference was used (it is not enough to list a bibliography at the end of the paper without actually using any references within the body of the paper). You can look at any of the papers assigned for reading in the class for acceptable uses of references. URL references should only be used for referring to specific system Web sites and not as a way to reference published work.
In addition to your paper, you shoud also include your implementation code for methods/techniques mentioned in the paper as well as data sets using in your evaluation.

Your final paper should be submitted electronically in either MS Word or PDF.

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