CSC 575
Winter 2023


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Intelligent Information Retrieval

Instructor: Bamshad Mobasher

Office: 833 CDM Building

Course Description

This course will examine the design, implementation, and evaluation of information retrieval systems, such as Web search engines, as well as new and emerging technologies to build the next generation of intelligent and personalized search tools and Web information systems. We will focus on the underlying retrieval models, algorithms, and system implementations, such as vector-space and probabilistic retrieval models, as well as the PageRank algorithm used by Google. We will also study more advanced topics in intelligent information retrieval and filtering, particularly on the World Wide Web, including techniques for document categorization, automatic concept discovery, recommender systems, discovery and analysis of online communities and social networks, and personalized search. Throughout the course, current literature from the viewpoints of both research and practical retrieval technologies both on and off the World Wide Web will be examined.

Copyright , Bamshad Mobasher, DePaul University.