CSC 426
Spring 201


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All assignments for the class will be available in electronic form from this page. Unless otherwise specified, the assignments must be done individually (you are welcome to discuss the problems with others in the class, but you must submit your own work). Unless otherwise specified, assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the due date provided below.

  • Proposal Abstracts          (Due: Saturday, October 5)
  • Article Review Assignment
    • First Draft               (Due: Saturday, October 19)
    • 2nd Draft                (Due: Saturday, November 9)
  • Research Proposal  
    • First Draft               (Due: Saturday, November 2)
    • Final Draft              (Due: Thursday, November 21)

  • Class Presentation of one of the Course Topics
  • Proposal Presentations  (In Class - Weeks 9 and 10)

Assignment Submission:
All written assignments must be submitted electronically, via D2L. Preferred formats are: Microsoft Office Word or PDF. Multiple assignment files must be compressed into a single Zip archive file before submission. Be sure to include your name in each assignment.


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