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Fall 2022


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All assignments for the class will be available in electronic form from this page. Unless otherwise specified, the assignments must be done individually (you are welcome to discuss the problems with others in the class, but you must submit your own work). Unless otherwise specified, assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the due date provided below.

Assignment Resources Due Date
Assignment 0 Post an Introductory Message on the Getting Acquainted Board on the D2L Page for the Course.

Monday, September 12
Assignment 1
Example Notebooks
- Populations with Pandas
- Video Store with Pandas

- Video Store (Missing Values)

Sunday, September 25
Assignment 2 Examples Notebooks
- Video Store (KNN Classifier)
- TF*IDF and Document

- Video Store (Scikit-learn)
- Video Store - Scikit-learn
   (Part 2)

Sunday, October 09
Project Proposal

Sunday, October 16
Assignment 3 Example Notebooks
- Regression Analysis using Scikit-learn
- Feature / Model Selection

- K-means Clustering
- Document Clustering, PCA, SVD

Sunday, October 23
Thursday, October 27
Assignment 4 Example Notebooks
- K-means Clustering
- Document Clustering, PCA, SVD
- Item-Based Rec Test
- Joking with Matrix Factorization

Sunday, November 6
Final Project Final Project Check List - This document includes a description of the evaluation criteria and deliverables for each type of project. Please review this checklist carefully before the final submission. Wednesday, November 16

Assignment Submission:
All assignments must be submitted electronically on the D2L Web site for the course.

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