John D. Rogers


...[I]t is true that computer science in its theoretical formulation is dominated by a spirit of abstraction which defers to no other branch of mathematics in its zealotry. -- Davis and Hersh, "The Mathematical Experience"


My research interests are varied but I am primarily a computational complexity theorist. (To be absolutely pedantic, I'm primarily a structural complexity theorist.) Most of my work to date has involved showing relativized failures of various complexity theoretical propositions. What this means and why I think this work is important will have to wait until I have some time to write a thorough explanation (justification?). I hope to do that sometime before the next solar transit of Venus.

My Erdõs number is 3 (the chain: Me - Lance Fortnow - Laci Babai - PE).  My Fortnow number is 1; my extended Fortnow number is 0.25.

Following is a list of areas that I have at one time or another thought and written about.

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